Troubleshooting with WildMetrix & Windows Performance Toolkit

Minimize time troubleshooting of Windows Server and Applications with WildMetrix™ and Microsoft WPT

  • Record traces and perform analysis from a central location.
  • Identify bottlenecks in subsystem performance
  • Detect and be notified in changes of performance baselines
  • Extend monitoring and dashboards with any of your favorite scripts.

Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT)

WildMetrix integrates execution of Windows Performance ToolKit allowing you to look under the hood at Windows Server, Subsystem, and Applications in Kernel detail from a single central location.

  • Record and analyze traces on demand from the WildMetrix console.
  • Automate trace recording in alert actions to capture the relative performance information for analysis.
  • Understand utilization, latency, and performance across the entire Windows Computer.
  • Drill into stack level details of problem applications.