Monitor Microsoft Windows Server

Maximize availability and performance of Windows Server with WildMetrix™

  • Helps administrators detect problems in their Windows Server architecture
  • Identify bottlenecks in subsystem performance
  • Detect and be notified in changes of performance baselines
  • Kill Processes and Restart Windows Services from the console.
  • Extend monitoring and dashboards with any of your favorite scripts.

Subsystem Performance

Insight into Windows Server provides the ability to take action when needed. Alerting based on baseline thresholds provides intelligent notifications for different server roles. A few of the SQL Server metrics provided

  • % Processor and Queue Utilization
  • % Memory and Page File Utilization
  • % Disk Busy, IO, and Disk Queue Utilization
  • Network IO, Errors and Discards

Events, Processes, and Services

Collection and inspection of all events as they allows quick action when system, application, or security events are occurring. Refinable filters to excluded or include events to enhance the focus of any business need.

Identify processes running high in Memory, CPU, and IO.

Monitor and manage critical Windows Services.


Stop or Start Windows Services and kill processes if necessary from the console. Additional management script widgets can be configured for additional remediation or actionable tasks to meet your needs.