Monitoring Solutions

Powerful, Adaptable Monitoring Solutions for systems, networks, and application servers.

WildMetrix™ meets the challenge of monitoring sophistication across the extended enterprise, uncovering, correlating and unifying decision support metrics of mission critical servers, networks, and applications. When critical situations arise, WildMetrix™ helps administrators diagnose where and what the problems are using diagnostic dashboards, and drill down correlative charting. WildMetrix™ gives you real-time monitoring and diagnostics in a single integrated solution.

Monitoring Solutions for Microsoft

Microsoft Exchange Server

Performance and availability of Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox, transport, and client roles.

Microsoft Failover Cluster

Performance and availability of Microsoft Failover Cluster roles, resources, nodes, and networks.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Performance and availability of Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisor, Machines, and Resources.

Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET Applications

Monitor ASP.NET Application performance, page requests, current pipeline execution. Recycle application pools and restart services directly from the console for complete monitoring and remediation.

Microsoft SQL Server

Performance and availability of Microsoft SQL Server is pivotal in the success of distributed applications which rely on it.

Microsoft Windows Server

Microsoft Windows Server supports a wide range of base and advanced services. From the required primary subsystems of Memory, Hard disk, CPU and Network.

Monitoring Solutions for Cisco

Cisco Network Infrastructure

Performance and availability monitoring of interface traffic, processor, memory, environment, chassis, and syslog for routers and switches.

Cisco Wireless Network

Performance and availability monitoring of signal strength, signal quality, failures, retries, interface traffic, processor, memory, and syslog.

More Monitoring Solutions

Any SNMP Device

Availability and Response

Citrix XenDesktop

GE Cimplicity

HP StoreVirtual SAN

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft iSCSI Initiator

Microsoft iSCSI Target

VMware vSphere ESXi