Monitor Microsoft Exchange Server

Maximize availability and performance of Exchange Server with WildMetrix™

  • Quickly diagnose exactly where and what the problems are
  • Resolves the problems from a single easy-to-use interface
  • Gain understanding of entire Exchange system inside and out
  • Support any configuration from single server to distributed environments
  • Extend monitoring and dashboards with any of your favorite scripts.


Businesses today rely on their mail and messaging systems more than any other piece of infrastructure. Seasoned Exchange administrators know that it is absolutely important to monitor Exchange 24X7, not only to prevent downtime and quickly fix problems after they arise, but also to know the health of individual components and to identify potential problems and performance degradations before they turn into costly downtime.

Exchange Roles

Exchange Server's architecture consists of many components and dependencies. This expansive surface makes it more important than ever to monitor. Some of the Exchange Architecture Components include:

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) that transports electronic mail across the network.
  • Exchange Information Store (IS) that manages Microsoft Exchange Information Storage.
  • Exchange MTA Stacks that provide Microsoft Exchange X.400 services.
  • Exchange Routing Engine that processes Microsoft Exchange routing information.
  • Exchange System Attendant that provides system related services for Microsoft Exchange.

Exchange Environment

Monitoring Exchange Server complexity requires continually looking at all elements involved to know and understand if health and performance is optimal. Each Exchange Server aspect is important including:

  • Connections & Queues
  • Database Size
  • SMTP Availability
  • Process Utilization
  • Services states and events
  • Eventlog Errors, Warnings, and Informational Events
  • Underlying Platform Performance
  • Dependent Infrastructure Performance