Monitor ASP.NET Applications

Maximize availability and performance of Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET Applications with WildMetrix™

  • Visibility into Internet Information Services performance.
  • Insight into ASP.NET Application worker process performance.
  • Identify problematic pages with the most errors and longest running.
  • Watch current and long running requests in the pipeline.
  • Restart Application Pools and Windows Services from the console.

Current Pipeline

See currently executing requests in a worker processes with the following information:

  • The current application pool that the request is in.
  • The current module that the request is in.
  • The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the client who made the request.
  • The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) verb used in the request.
  • The requested Uniform Resource Locater (URL).
  • The period of time the request has been in process.

Worker Process Performance

Insight into ASP.NET Application worker process performance provides the ability to take action when needed. Alerting based on baseline thresholds provides intelligent notifications for different applications. A few of the worker process metrics provided:

  • % Processor Time
  • % Time in Garbage Collection
  • Heap(1-3, Large) Sizes
  • IO Read and Write Bytes
  • Thread and handle Counts


Application pools and relative worker processes can be stopped, started, or recycled from the console. Additional management script widgets can be configured for additional remediation or actionable tasks to meet your needs.