Monitor Industrial Control and SCADA Systems

Maximize availability and performance of Industrial Control and SCADA Systems with WildMetrix™


  • Increases reliability and management of mission critical infrastructure.
  • Improves awareness of the state of the infrastructure to all key stakeholders in the industrial environment.
  • Unifies monitoring of all IT and OT in one solution for increased productivity.
  • Decreases time for issue isolation and root cause determination providing faster remediation.


A production facility relies upon many disparate, complex, and tightly integrated information and automation systems and applications to enable safe production. Many operate with a zero-down time mentality and the networks have been designed and optimized with multiple points of redundancy to prevent extremely expensive business disruptions. Therefore, it is critical to know all of these systems are functioning at peak performance with minimal latency. As a part of your broader business continuity strategy, WildMetrix is an early warning system that detects changes in performance baselines, interruptions of services, and system and security events across the entire stack of technology in your business.

WildMetrix drill-down solutions provide critical information in context at your fingertips for optimal awareness and troubleshooting. Additional display capabilities include “At-A-Glance” dashboards for larger screens to display mission critical health indicators and improve situational awareness. In addition to the “Out-Of-Box” monitoring solutions for many business applications and infrastructure, WildMetrix includes an easy to use extensibility framework for monitoring applications and infrastructure not found in off the shelf monitoring software.


  • Baseline deviation detection for alert threshold automation
  • High visibility dashboards for developing “At-A-Glance” operations screens
  • High performance drill down for easy to follow information in context and alarm
  • High degree of extensibility for monitoring ICS/SCADA and supporting infrastructure
  • High degree of real-time data collection, down to the second
  • High degree of process monitoring including connection states and end point latency
  • Agentless capabilities for zero risk in highly controlled environments

WildMetrix Monitoring for Solution ICS and SCADA

Monitoring Solution Packs

  • GE Intelligent Platforms
    • Proficy HMI/SCADA-Cimplicity
    • Proficy HMI/SCADA-iFix
    • Proficy Historian
    • More...
  • Invensys Wonderware
    • Application Server
    • Information Server
    • InTouch
    • Historian
    • More...